Waxed Cotton Fabric with complimentary brown dogtooth cotton backing fabric, NON TIE BANDANA These Bandanas slide on to your dogs own collar so there is no safety concern about catching any fasteners when they are out galloping about.


Available in 4 sizes;

- Large  £14.99  Measures across top of bandana approx. 14/14.5" with collar opening approx.2"

- Medium  £10.99 Measures across top of bandana approx. 10.5" with collar opening approx.2"

- Small  £8.99  Measures across top of bandana approx. 8.5" with collar opening approx.1.5/1.75"

- Extra Small £6.99 Measures across top of bandana approx.5.5" with collar opening approx.1"


Note: Tweed pattern may vary depending on where fabric is cut. 


Waxed Cotton Neckerchief Bandana

  • This neckerchief/bandana will last you well if you handwash.  Wash in lukewarm water as waxed cotton product. You may want to rewax to keep the look.

    Dry off excess water and allow to dry naturally.