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  • How do your dog neckerchief bandanas attach to the dog?
    These are non tie bandana's, they are an over the collar bandana it slides through a stitched area at the top of the neckerchief and sits on the collar like a chuff and dont worry we leave lots of room to get the collar and buckle through. Some Martingale collars may fit some may be too wide.
  • How do I wash these products?
    Just like your best wool jumper our bandana products will last well if you care for them, just follow these simple steps: Handwash in luke warm with a little mild detergent or not depending on how dirty. Reshape and leave to dry. Give it a slight press with a cool iron and we are ready to go again. Collars and Leads and Dicky Bows wash really well too, just fill the sink with luke warm water and leave to soak for a short time. Towel dry and reshape.
  • Do you have a shop?
    No we make the garments at our studio at this address, we do however have a number of stockists. Please see the stockists page. We also attend alot of events throughout the year too, they are available on our upcoming events page.
  • Are your luxury dog collars adjustable?
    Yes fully, there is lots of flexibility in our collars. We have typicallly 3 sizes: Large which is a 25mm deep collar. Typical large breed dogs such as Labradors, Retrievers, Setters, Germand Shepherds etc... Medium which is a 20mm deep collar. Typical Medium breed dogs such as Springer/Cocker Spaniels, Cockapoo's, Border Collies. Small which is a 15mm deep collar.Typical small breeds such as Small Terriers, Dacshund's, Lhasa Apso's, Shih Tzu's and most small breeds (some small Dacshund's and Chihuahua's will require a special order extra small). Any further questions just get in touch or send a pic we will soon find the right size for your dog!
  • Do you do special orders?
    Yes! Just send us a message, we do a lot of bespoke wedding sets and can order certain fabrics to accomodate colour schemes.
  • Do you always stock the same tweeds?
    Like fashion hee hee, tweeds change all the time, weavers run tweeds based on certain yarns and then when they are finished they tend to change colour schemes. Its a pity as 'when its gone its gone' and some designs can be popular! Whilst it keeps are range lovely and fresh we do our best to look for tweeds that are popular for both male and female doggos.
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