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Introducing our Blue and Yellow windowpane style tweed lead with hints of peach and green. This lead is not only a fashionable accessory for your dog, it's also strong and reliable for walks and outings.


The combination of blue and yellow adds a pop of colour and the handmade quality ensures that each lead is unique and well-crafted. Whether you’re taking a casual stroll in the park or embarking on an adventurous hike, you can trust this lead to provide durability and style.


At Don't forget the Dog, we pride ourselves on making and providing luxury dog accessories that reflect the quality and elegance every pet deserves.

** the tweed may vary depending on the fabric cut.

Blue & Yellow Tweed Lead Metal Trigger Clasp

  • This lead will last well if you handwash and clear any debris from the hardware.  Wash in lukewarm water as pure wool product.

    Dry off excess water in a towel and allow to dry naturally.

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