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Introducing our Pink & Green Tweed Wool Dicky Bow, a stunning and fashionable accessory for your pup.


Handcrafted from high-quality tweed material with lovely hints of powder blue, this dicky bow is not only stylish but also durable. The elasticated loop at the rear makes it easy to slide on and off your pup's collar, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Make a bold statement with this unique and eye-catching dicky bow for your furry friend. Show off your pup's personality and style with this Pink & Green Tweed Wool Dicky Bow today.


**The tweed pattern may vary depending on where the fabric is cut.

Pink & Green Tweed Wool Dicky Bow

  • This bow will last well if you handwash in lukewarm water as pure wool product.

    Dry off excess water in a towel and allow to dry naturally.

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